Save $825 On The Cassidy Game Table + Dining Top!

The Cassidy Game Table was made for those who wanted a game table:

  • That's Exquisite & Functional
  • Fits in a High-End Space
  • Compact Yet Comfortable
  • Premium
  • Has a Unique Finish Option

  • Based on customer feedback it looks like we've succeeded! But we don't want to stop here, we want to bring the Cassidy to as many homes as possible and serve our mission of bringing gamers together to share unforgettable memories with friends and family.

    And that's why we're launching a Group Buy to bring the Cassidy to you at a $825 discount! Plus the Cassidy ships in August!

    But that's not all! The first 15 customers will get a set of two FREE Luna Chairs! What's more deliveries starts August-end, so you can start playing on your new game table in a month! Order yours now! Limited units remain!

    Here's Why You Should Get The Cassidy!

    2 Players? No problem. 4? Done. 8? Of course! The Cassidy is designed to comfortably fit 2-8 players with it's octagonal shape!
    Fun games to classy dinners! With our optional dining top, seamlessly switch between the best of both worlds.
    Spills are a part of life. Can't avoid them. And with our water-resistant playing surface options, you won't have to avoid them!
    You won't have to say "hold my beer while I roll the dice" to your friends. Just place it in the built-in cupholder.

    Sophistication + Functionality - Get Yours Now!

    Customer Testimonial

    I ordered the only white - farmhouse table on the market and their customer service was 5 stars. The table is gorgeous and they made sure I was satisfied with the product. It was well worth the money and we have been using it non stop for our board game family. The table will fit 8 chairs (4 large, 4 normal dining chairs) so 8 people can comfortably play. The coating on the table is super smooth and shiny and the quality of the table is very high end. This is going to be an heirloom piece for sure. - Elise E.

    What Gamers Are Saying

    About GameTheoryTables

    "The Cassidy Game Table is an excellent choice if you need a table with solid variety. Small enough to be cozy for 2, yet designed to comfortably handle up to 8. Small in size, easy to assemble, doubling as a dining room table, the Cassidy is going to be a great pick for a lot of gamers." - BoardGameCo

    About GameTheoryTables

    The table is sturdy, I feel like I could punch it and it would win! With the top on it looks shiny, pristine and boujee. - Shelfside

    About GameTheoryTables

    The main thing I love about this table is the cloth surface. Picking up cards and tokens is really really nice and easy! - Angela from Hobby Night

    Unmatched Functionality!

    The Cassidy Game Table comes with a whole host of touches and embellishments like components organizer, built-in cupholders, water-resistant playing surface added for utility, functionality, and courtesy versus a pay-for-play addition like the others. But that's not all, if you want to take it to the next level you can get a full-custom playing surface, USB chargers, matching chairs, and the works!

    About GameTheoryTables

    About GameTheoryTables

    Game Theory Tables is a part of BBO Poker Tables, the number one luxury poker table brand with over 15 years of experience in upgrading game nights of thousands of happy customers. We wanted to bring that same joy and excitement to board game enthusiasts and thus, Game Theory Tables was born!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Technically it's not, but it retains the same spirit. But the best part is unlike a crowdfunding project where the product takes time to ship, the Cassidy Game Table will ship in August!
    The team behind GTT and the Origins is the same team that own and operate BBO Poker Tables, the most prominent poker table brand in the US for over a decade. We are the official poker table brand of the World Poker Tour and the Golden State Warriors, with the most and highest reviews in our market segment. When it comes to beautifully customized home gaming tables shipped safely to you, we are the experts. Not to mention our recent Kickstarter in February which raised over $1.1M and the tables are shipping out now!
    In August! So you can start playing in a month! Also, the first 15 customers get 2 FREE Luna chairs!
    The table is highly sturdy and spill resistant and will hold up to the rowdiest game nights, plus all our printed layouts are highly water resistant materials. We've also included cupholders free in most of our tables to prevent any unnecessary spillage.
    The Cassidy will come standard with an solid color playing surface printed on our water-resistant gaming suede. We also offer template layouts and custom graphics as an add on which are also printed on our water resistant and proprietary dynamic gaming suede, allowing for crisp colors and vibrancy.
    Simple wipe down of the wood structures of the table should be enough to clean. To remove fine scratches due to standard use, a bit of car scratch remover works well to fill the scratches. You an use a handheld vacuum to clean up the playing surface, and gentle dabbing with a cloth with warm soapy water to get any spot stains out.
    We offer the dining top as an additional add on because we know some players will only want the game table while others prefer to use it as a dining table or work table as well.
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