The official Origins Kickstarter launches Jan 19th (after 2 years of R&D)!
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"The perfect table doesn't exist..."
You have tables that serve specific purposes in your house, whether it's for working, eating, homework, or other activities. But allow us to introduce to you to The Origins Game Table which is guaranteed to become the heart of because not only is it a gorgeous dining and a functional homework table, but most importantly it's a board game table for everyone to have FUN and share memories around.

Our official Kickstarter Campaign with exclusive pricing and add-ons launch Jan 19th!
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Why Origins?

Leave your games undisturbed with a 4" sunken playing area, your games stay undisturbed and ready to resume right after dinner. Roll your dice, slide your cards without worrying that they'll fall over.
Fun games to classy dinners in 4 pieces! With our optional leaf-style dining top, seamlessly switch between the best of both worlds. Spill resistant dining top prevents water from going in.
Spills are a part of life. Can't avoid them. And with our water-resistant playing surface options, you won't have to avoid them!
You won't have to say "hold my beer while I roll the dice" to your friends. Just place it in the built-in cupholder.

Sophistication + Functionality - Get Yours Now!

Customer Testimonial

I ordered an Origins Table and man am I pleased. First off the table is beautiful, with a beautiful finish. Also it’s easy to remove the topper and put it back on which is a plus. The playing area is magnificent with plenty of space for cards on the player area and anything else on the recessed area that you would need. The cup holders are also a great added touch! I’m pleased with the service I received and would recommend this table for anyone who enjoys games! - Aaron T.

Unmatched Functionality!

Utility, Functionality, and Convenience
The Origins Game Table comes with a whole host of touches and embellishments like components organizer, built-in cupholders, water-resistant playing surface added for utility, functionality, and courtesy versus a pay-for-play addition like the others. But that's not all, if you want to take it to the next level you can get a full-custom playing surface, USB chargers, matching chairs, and the works!

Customer Testimonial

I ordered an Origins gaming table from BBO, could not be happier. It is the prefect table for board games, poker and other table games. The build quality is second to none, and the options that are available make the final difficult because they have so many awesome choices! Do yourself a favor, get one! - Jason B.

About GameTheoryTables

About GameTheoryTables

Game Theory Tables is a part of BBO Poker Tables, the number one luxury poker table brand with over 14 years of experience in upgrading game nights of thousands of happy customers. We wanted to bring that same joy and excitement to board game enthusiasts and thus, Game Theory Tables was born!

What Gamers say..

About GameTheoryTables

"I’m in love with this table. I feel like this table will be a part of my gaming experience for many years to come." Geekdad

Frequently Asked Questions

The Kickstarter launches on Jan 19th. So be sure to sign up to be notified now as the first backers will be the first to receive their tables.
Yes it's true, GTT is a new website, but the team behind the scenes is not new at all. The team behind GTT and the Origins is the same team that own and operate BBO Poker Tables, the most prominent poker table brand in the US for over a decade. We are the official poker table brand of the World Poker Tour and the Golden State Warriors, with the most and highest reviews in our market segment. When it comes to beautifully customized home gaming tables shipped safely to you, we are the experts.
The orders ship in the order they were placed. The first 100 backers/customers will have their tables arrive before the end of 2020, guaranteed. Each wave after will receive their orders no more than 60 days after the previous wave ships. Our team will reach out to you after your order and inform you of your anticipated ship date and we will keep you updated throughout the production / delivery process.
The table is highly spill resistant and will hold up to the rowdiest game nights, as the dining top leaves have a tongue and groove joint between pieces and our game mats and printed layouts are all highly water resistant materials. We've also included cupholders free in most of our tables to prevent any unnecessary spillage.
The Origins will come with an exclusive game mat which is made of neoprene with sewn trim. The artwork and play mat is developed by Panda Games. We also offer template layouts and custom graphics as an add on which are printed on our water resistant and proprietary dynamic gaming suede, allowing for crisp colors and vibrancy.
Simple wipe down of the wood structures of the table should be enough to clean. To remove fine scratches due to standard use, a bit of car scratch remover works well to fill the scratches. You an use a handheld vacuum to clean up the playing surface, and gentle dabbing with a cloth with warm soapy water to get any spot stains out.
We offer the dining top as an additional add on because we know some players will only want the game table while others prefer to use it as a dining table or work table as well.
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