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How to Transform EVERYTHING with The Arena!

Game nights will never be the same with The Arena! Besides its transformative ability to give Dungeons and Dragons and TTRPG players complete control with all of the newest digital tools at their fingertips, The Arena is an open ended platform for you to curate your own experience!


Is it an Arcade in Your Game Room? YES!

Play any game available in the Google Play Store or online! Unlimited touchpoints in the display means you can simultaneously go head to head in Fruit Ninja or on an epic adventure in Baldur's Gate. Step it up and hook up a gaming console via the HDMI port, The Arena can power it!

Is it an entertainment center? TOTALLY!

Watch YouTube or Netflix in stunning 4K! Keep the little ones entertained or tune into some educational programming and The Arena instantly turns into a learning experience.


Is it a productivity tool? YOU BET!

Cast photos, videos or presentations from your phone or laptop. Encourage collaboration like never before through the whiteboard feature. The Arena is well suited for serious business!


What makes The Arena different from other game tables on the market?

The Arena uniquely combines a high-quality, solid ash game table with advanced digital features, including a commercial-grade display, Android OS, touchscreen functionality, and customizable apps via the Google Play Store.

Can I use miniatures and dice directly on the display?

Yes, The Arena's display is integrated with a tempered screen, allowing players to use miniatures and roll dice directly on it.

How does The Arena handle power requirements for gaming devices?

The table is equipped with integrated power outlets, including 8 standard 110v plugs, 4 USB-A ports, and 2 USB-C ports, to power all players' electronics.

Is The Arena spill-resistant?

Yes, The Arena is designed with spill resistance in mind, featuring a protective gasket around the display and multiple cup holder options.

What kind of warranty does The Arena come with?

The Arena includes a limited lifetime warranty for structural components, a two-year warranty for electronic components, and a two-year warranty for the display.

How is the table shipped and what does installation involve?

The Arena is freight-shipped with the display pre-integrated. Installation mainly involves setting up the legs and connecting the power cords. It's recommended to have at least 3 people for setup due to the table's weight.

Can the display's software be updated?

Yes, a scheduled software update for look and feel optimizations will be available before The Arena is shipped to backers.

What are the dimensions and weight of The Arena?

The table measures 70in x 46in x 31.5in. The table weighs approximately 230 lbs without the dining top and 305 lbs with it.

How does The Arena manage temperature and electronics ventilation?

The Arena features a dual-fan exhaust system to ensure healthy air circulation and temperature regulation around the display.

Is there a range of accessories available for The Arena?

Yes, The Arena offers a range of functional accessories, including DM center, player wing shelves, matching seating options, and a 4-piece dining top.

The Arena is a completely open ended digital connected platform from enjoying games to getting work done. Equipped with Android 12 operating system and unmatched processing power, The Arena's proprietary commercial display behaves like the biggest tablet that you've ever experienced and it's so easy to use that kids intuitively know how to navigate it the moment it turns on!