HDMI: Connect and Drive the Action with any HDMI Enabled Device


Direct Cast: Cast directly from your Apple or Android Device


Tempered Glass Playing Surface: Go Ahead. Play Hard


Water Resistant Playing Surface: Don't Worry About Spills


Android Operating System with Google Play Store Enabled




Our mission for The Arena is to develop a professional digital playing field for the future of TTRPGs. We've taken our vast product development expertise and applied it to creating a commercial-grade centerpiece that takes the traditional TTRPG experience into the digital age. Access all of your data at your fingertips, evolve your campaigns and maps seamlessly and play connected inside The Arena!

Size of table 70in x 46in x 31.5in

Armrest size 6in

Water Resistant Optional Matching Dining Top (4pc)

Vault Depth 1.75in

Material: Solid Ash Wood

Lifetime Warranty on Table

Size of display 67in diagonal

Water Resistant Gasket Sealed Trim

Connections: HDMI, Wireless, Casting

Remote Control Included

CE Certified

2 Year Warranty on Display


The Arena vs Analog Side By Side:



Founders Edition Features:

- Founders Edition Exclusive Play Mat to play regular board games

- Exclusive Founders Edition Badge



As with all Game Theory products, we offer a limited lifetime warranty on The Arena table (structure only). The lifetime warranty applies to all structural components of the table. The Display is covered by a 2-year limited warranty. The display is built to commercial display standards with CE-rated components that last longer than off-the-shelf displays.

Game Theory Tables takes pride in being the highest-rated board game table brand on the market and our values drive our goal of ensuring our customers enjoy years of fun creating unforgettable memories.

All table pricing includes free shipping, we don't like surprises.


What makes The Arena different from other game tables on the market?

The Arena uniquely combines a high-quality, solid ash game table with advanced digital features, including a commercial-grade display, Android OS, touchscreen functionality, and customizable apps via the Google Play Store.

Can I use miniatures and dice directly on the display?

Yes, The Arena's display is integrated with a tempered screen, allowing players to use miniatures and roll dice directly on it.

How does The Arena handle power requirements for gaming devices?

The table is equipped with integrated power outlets, including 8 standard 110v plugs, 4 USB-A ports, and 2 USB-C ports, to power all players' electronics.

Is The Arena spill-resistant?

Yes, The Arena is designed with spill resistance in mind, featuring a protective gasket around the display and multiple cup holder options.

What kind of warranty does The Arena come with?

The Arena includes a limited lifetime warranty for structural components, a two-year warranty for electronic components, and a two-year warranty for the display.

How is the table shipped and what does installation involve?

The Arena is freight-shipped with the display pre-integrated. Installation mainly involves setting up the legs and connecting the power cords. It's recommended to have at least 3 people for setup due to the table's weight.

Can the display's software be updated?

Yes, a scheduled software update for look and feel optimizations will be available before The Arena is shipped to backers.

What are the dimensions and weight of The Arena?

The table measures 70in x 46in x 31.5in. The table weighs approximately 230 lbs without the dining top and 305 lbs with it.

How does The Arena manage temperature and electronics ventilation?

The Arena features a dual-fan exhaust system to ensure healthy air circulation and temperature regulation around the display.

Is there a range of accessories available for The Arena?

Yes, The Arena offers a range of functional accessories, including DM center, player wing shelves, matching seating options, and a 4-piece dining top.

Can the tech be updated as advancements occur?

We're developing step-by-step instructions for updating the Android software, ensuring The Arena stays current. These instructions will be available before shipping.

What version of Android is the OS?

The Arena will ship with Android 12.

What if the display needs replacement?

We will stock replacements (new or refurbished, based on availability) and exchange if it is a manufacturing issue. If it is a user issue we will have replacement displays for sale.

What happens when the LCD lifespan ends?

Replacement display units will be available for purchase.

Does it only interact with DnD platforms, or can it connect to any website?

The Arena can connect to any website and download apps from the Google Play Store. It’s fully customizable for all your gaming needs.

How should the pockets in side trays be used, especially for TTRPGs?

The trays are designed for organizing game bits and personal items. For TTRPGs, we recommend our DM Command Center and player wing shelf for extra space.

How sturdy are the leg and wing shelf attachment points?

The Arena's leg connections are vertically aligned for stability. Wing shelves attach securely to the rail with an adjustable tensioner and rubber grip.

Does The Arena include specific game mapping software?

The Arena does not come with specific integrated software, it supports all software and websites, features full internet browsing, and includes a whiteboard function.

What is the leg room height under the table?

Approximately the same as the Origins model. Exact dimensions to be confirmed.

How many simultaneous touch points does the screen support?

It functions like a standard Android tablet; ideal for two touch points at a time for zooming or shrinking. More than two hands may not track individual commands efficiently.

Can I buy just the touchscreen portion?

Currently, The Arena is sold as a complete system; the proprietary touchscreen is not available separately.


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