More Games, More Often = More Family Fun

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Typically, a family or group of friends will take out the game when they’re ready to play, set it up, play the game to the end, and then put it all away. Who hasn’t played a game past the point of maximum fun, because it had to be finished in one sitting? Then, spend more time putting it all neatly away.

Game Theory Table

With a Game Theory Table, your favorite games can be ready to play with no set up. Just remove the dining top and there it is! You can play as long as you want, which might not be to the bitter end. Then, you can leave it where it is for next time and just put the dining top back on. We’ve removed all resistance to playing = There’s no set up, don’t have to play to the end, and no packing it all back in the box. We guarantee your family and friends will play more games more often for more fun!


But that’s not all! Every Game Theory Table is also an elegant dining table. You’ll enjoy your new table every day of the year. Your friends will be shocked when they discover that hidden inside the dining table they just enjoyed a delicious meal on, lies a world of fun and laughs.

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