Tray Mats For Origins Game Tables ( Pack of 12) - Green Fields
Wanna match your components organizer to your mats? That’s what our tray mats are for! Available in Starfield, Ashwood, Atomic, Green Fields, and Mosaic Ocean.
Neoprene Game Mats - Starfield
A standard in board gaming, our edge stitched premium neoprene mats feature exclusive artwork designed by Panda Game Manufacturing, the leader in board game manufacturing. Available in a variety of fun options. Perfect for the recessed playing area of the Origins...
Bench for Origins Game Table
Protect the topper leaves while you play! This bench can hold all the topper leaves in the custom storage slots inside the bench. It will fit along the long side of the table for convenience and seating.  The bench measures...
Dice Tower

Dice Tower
Who doesn’t like a nice dice tower? Simply drop your dice in and be rewarded with the melodic sounds of dice bouncing off the angled walls and come to rest in the large tray at the bottom.  We focused on...
Origins Table Divider
Partition off your playing area so you can leave a part of the table covered and nothing rolls under. Available in Graystone, American walnut and Onyx colors.
$109.00 $81.75
Eclipse Neoprene Game Mat
The Eclipse dining top play mat is perfect for the Origins game table. This is play mat was specifically designed to allow you to game on top of your Origins dining top. Sized at 71"x48", edge stitched premium neoprene mat...
Tiered Tray
Bit, bits, bits, bits everywhere! When it comes to bits management, we came up with a fun and stylish way to keep your bits organized and out of the way. Our 5-tiered Deluxe Tiered Tray mounts into the Origins Game...
Cardholder (2-Pack)
Made from solid Ash, Laser etched with the GTT logo and color matched to our table colors and can be used with your Origins Game Table, Coffee Table, or anywhere else you game.   Ships in Feb 2023.
Origins Privacy Shelf
The Privacy Shelf sits in the Origins' integrated leg column and gives you not only a shelf but additional privacy, instantly increasing the utility and mystery of game nights!   Ships in Feb 2023.
Ottoman for Origins Game Table
 A beautiful solid ottoman can be used as a padded seat and can be used to place the leaves upright in the foam-protected box. Available in all stain colors so you can match your table! Measures 29x14.25x19in. Wt. 31 Lbs.
Player Guard (2-Pack)
The Player Guard offers an obtrusive structure at your fingertips! Laser etched GTT logo and CNC’d from solid Ash and color matched, the Player Guard works hand in hand with the cardholder in creating a comfortable and secure player position....
USB Charging Ports
Add USB chargers to your table and your phones will never run out of juice during game night! Pack of 8 USB-A Charging Ports.
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