Origins Table Divider
Partition off your playing area so you can leave a part of the table covered and nothing rolls under. Available in Graystone, American walnut and Onyx colors.
$109.00 $81.75
Cardholder (2-Pack)
Made from solid Ash, Laser etched with the GTT logo and color matched to our table colors and can be used with your Origins Game Table, Coffee Table, or anywhere else you game.   Ships in Feb 2023.
Player Guard (2-Pack)
The Player Guard offers an obtrusive structure at your fingertips! Laser etched GTT logo and CNC’d from solid Ash and color matched, the Player Guard works hand in hand with the cardholder in creating a comfortable and secure player position....
USB Charging Ports
Add USB chargers to your table and your phones will never run out of juice during game night! Pack of 8 USB-A Charging Ports.
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