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Premium Lounge Chairs - Graystone
Sold in Packs of 2
Elegant game table chairs to match your high-end game table set. Compliment your customized Game Theory Table with our premium matching classic lounge-style chairs.
39 Inch high back design
Seat width 18.5" tapering to 19.75"
Back width 18.5" tapering to 21"
From floor to top of the seat is 18.75"
Compatible With: Made to match our tables
Material: Oak Wood
Shipping Weight: 49 LBS per chair
Product Details
Introducing the epitome of sophistication for your high-end game table set – our elegant game table chairs. Meticulously crafted to flawlessly harmonize with your customized Game Theory Table, these premium matching classic lounge-style chairs redefine opulence. Transport yourself to a realm of unparalleled style and comfort as you embark on your gaming adventures. Unleash the power of individuality and set your gaming space apart with this truly extraordinary pairing.
• PERFECT MATCH FOR GAME TABLE: Our game table chairs are designed to seamlessly match your high-end game table set, creating a cohesive and visually pleasing aesthetic in your gaming space while making sure comfort is prioritized.
• PREMIUM UPHOLSTERY MATERIALS: Upholstered with a premium molding sponge (not low-end foam) with a leather backrest and seat pad
• LONG-LASTING DURABILITY: Built to last for countless game nights with your loved ones
*Please note that the actual color may differ slightly due to variations in lighting, and background.