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Protect the topper leaves while you play! This bench can hold all the topper leaves in the custom storage slots inside the bench. It will fit along the long side...
$1099.00 $769.00
Dimensions: 52 ¾ in x 14 in x 23 in
Compatible With: Classic Origins Game Table
Material: Quality Wood + Metal Interior Base Slot.
Shipping Weight: 55lbs
Product Details
Safeguard your valuable topper leaves during gameplay with our protective bench! Specifically designed to hold all the topper leaves, this bench features custom storage slots within its structure. Rest assured that your topper leaves will be securely stored and easily accessible whenever needed.
• PRACTICAL STORAGE SOLUTION: Practical Storage: This is thoughtfully designed to fit perfectly along the long side of the table, ensuring seamless integration and optimal use of space.
• COMFORTABLE SEATING: Serves as comfortable seating for you and your fellow players.
• ANTI-SCRATCH PANEL DIVIDERS: With anti-scratch dividers inside to keep panels safe when stored
• DURABLE SOLID ASH MATERIAL: Durable and made from solid Ash and supports 700lbs of weight.
• PERFECT FIT FOR ORIGINS TABLE: Made to fit your Origins Game Table