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Invest in our board game card holders to enjoy the benefits of improved gameplay, easy card access, enhanced card protection, organized gameplay, versatile compatibility, and portability. Elevate your gaming sessions and keep your cards in optimal condition with our practical and stylish card holders.
$45.00 $33.75
Dimensions: 10.8x1.1x1.1
Compatible With: Origins Game Table, Coffee Table
Material: Ash Solid Wood
Shipping Weight: 3lbs
Product Details
• STABLE AND CONVENIENT CARD HOLDER: Provide a stable and convenient solution for holding your game cards during play. They help prevent cards from sliding, getting misplaced, or accidentally revealing sensitive information, allowing for a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience.
• SPACE-EFFICIENT DESIGN: It doesn’t take too much space compared if your card is laid flat
• EASY CARD GAME VISIBILITY: Easily find your cards on your table
*Please note that the actual color may differ slightly due to variations in lighting, and background.