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Partition off your playing area so you can leave a part of the table covered and nothing rolls under. Available in Graystone, American walnut and Onyx colors.
$109.00 $81.75
Dimensions: 36.2x2.5x4
Compatible With: Origins Game Table, Coffee Table
Material: Ash Solid Wood
Shipping Weight: 5lbs
Product Details
Create a defined playing area and prevent items from rolling under the table with our partition solution. Available in Graystone, American walnut, and Onyx colors, it seamlessly blends with your decor while keeping your space organized. Enjoy hassle-free gaming sessions with our practical and stylish partition.
• NEAT AND ORGANIZED PLAYING AREA: It keeps your playing area neat and organized by effectively partitioning off a specific section of the table. No more worries about items rolling under the table (or even within an area of the table) and causing disruptions during gameplay.
• HIGH DURABILITY: Durable and long lasting as this is made from …