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Bit, bits, bits, bits everywhere! When it comes to bits management, we came up with a fun and stylish way to keep your bits organized and out of the way....
$119.00 $83.00
Material: Oak Wood
Shipping Weight: 3lbs
Product Details
Say goodbye to the chaos with our innovative solution for bits management. Introducing the Deluxe Tiered Tray, a stylish and practical accessory designed to keep your bits organized and within easy reach. This 5-tiered tray conveniently mounts into the leg column of the Origins Game Table, providing a space-saving solution for your gaming essentials.
• PERFECT FIT FOR ORIGINS TABLE: Designed to seamlessly fit inside the leg column of the Origins Game Table
• EFFORTLESS ACCESS TO COMPARTMENTS: With its swivel open action, you can effortlessly access one or multiple compartments at once, streamlining your gameplay setup. Arrange your game components with precision, earning the admiration of even the renowned Marie Kondo herself.
• DURABLE DESIGN: Made from Ashwood